Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation.

In short, it’s the process of learning how your potential customer uses a Search Engine to find the products and services you offer.

Once this has been researched, your website is then optimised so it is listed in the Search Engines when your potential customer searches.

With our packages, we take this a step further. What good is a Number 1 ranking in Google if your site never generates a single enquiry or sales?

Many Search Engine Optimisation packages work to bring clicks and visitors.

We don’t! We work to bring sales! We do this using a unique four step process…


During this stage we use the Google Keyword Suggestion tool to discover new search phrases and to understand what your potential user calls your offering and potentially how they search.


The Testing stage uses what we’ve learnt as part of the research process to test your online market.

This phases Google AdWords advertising to test new markets by measuring the click-through rates for specific key phrases and using different advert variations to understand what is driving your target market to click on the advert.

Adding into the phase the use of targeted Landing Pages that are directly relevant to the key phrases, it’s possible to test and measure the actual percentage of visitors to conversion of a sale.

Additional metrics that can be test are:

  • duration of visit on the site or a given page
  • number of pages viewed by a single visit
  • other actions that are desirable such as entering a contact form or downloading a file


The Review phase is where we look back and assess the effectiveness of the results and understand what has worked and, more importantly, what hasn’t.

Using this, it’s possible to define a better long term strategy and build intrinsic pages within the website that form a long term search optimised part of the website, using words and content that we’ve proven to be effective.

What Next?

Our Search Engine Optimisation programme works from the simple principle of you paying time into your Time Bank each month. On a monthly basis, we agree with you what activities we will carry out, agree a time allocation, then review each month. Every 3 months we meet with you to deliver detailed appraisal and review.


How about finding out how Google works for yourself with a tailored Training course or pre-planned Workshop?

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