Blog Design St Albans

It’s well known that blogs can be great for Google, great for driving your Social Media presence and a fantastic way to boost credibility and engage with your audience, but ever realised they can be just as useful offline?

For starters, blogs can:

  • Keep your website topical and up to date
  • Power your Social Media marketing
  • Help to educate your audience and build your credibility
  • Broaden the amount of search terms that reach your website
  • Increase the visits to your website from Google
  • Added search context enabling better search terms in Google

…and that’s just a few reasons!

WordPress is the most popular Content Management and Blogging platform on the internet today (but don’t just take our word for it).

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, or simply want help or advice on where to go next, why not check out our Workshops or contact us?