Taking payments online… What is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?


Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)* is a new regulation taking effect on September 14, 2019 that requires merchants to use multiple methods of verifying customers’ identities.

If you’re using WordPress and WooCommerce this will effect you!

SCA in simple terms is an update to the existing 3d Secure system which currently prompts the customer to provide the additional authentication elements, and the order will only be completed once they do that successfully.

Sites that aren’t using the SCA compliant WooCommerce and Payment Gateway updates, may start failing online transactions after 14th September 2019.

The latest version of WooCommerce has support for the latest updates, along with the following Payment Gateways:

Amazon Pay
Global Payments Gateway (formerly Realex)
PayPal powered by Braintree
Sage Pay

For a more comprehensive discussion around SCA, visit:


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