Timebank Terms of Engagement

Timebank Terms of Engagement

We provide telephone and email based service, and work to provide you with more value and benefit by offering a complete all-round digital marketing solution. Rather than providing help and support on a defined list of activities, we are happy to support any design, web development and marketing related queries. So, whether you require simple changes to your website, some online advertising, new business cards, search engine optimisation, help with image formatting or even a new computer, we will be happy to assist you.

Websites tend to need the following maintenance through-out their lifetime:

What gets used:

We estimate 15-30 minutes per month for performing scheduled back-ups, checks and upgrades, this typically takes place around the 28th of each month.

Any time left over is accrued.

Should more time be necessary in a month or over all, we will advise and agree this with you beforehand.

How is this reported:

We send a TimeBank summary around the 5th of each month so that you can see exactly what time has been used in any given month.

Response times:

Scheduled maintenance is planned in advance, where major upgrades are needed or where it’s considered that there may be notable down-time, we write to you in advance to agree an upgrade time.

For all other support related queries, we aim to respond within 2 hours, and resolve any urgent issues within 4 where possible. Please not, in some cases we’re reliant upon 3rd parties such as hosting providers, so response times may vary in such cases.

Your Responsibilities:
We encourage website owners not to perform WordPress upgrades without consulting us first. Most upgrades will work perfectly, however from time to time there can be issues that arise with compatibility, therefore we advise a planned approach to upgrades.

Though you may have direct communication with a particular member of staff, like any business staff are not always available due to holidays and sickness.
We recommend all support queries be sent to client@fl1digital.wpdev2.com which is a general mailbox that all the website team receives.