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TimeBank Options.

Pre-paid, monthly plans for on-going support & maintenance.

TimeBank Options

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

All faults and assistance are covered for the first 30 days after your website’s launch. Thereafter, we recommend a support and maintenance package for ongoing training, optimisation and upgrades.

How this works

Our support, design and technical  services work on the principle of buying time every month which gets paid into a Time Bank.

We provide a telephone and email-based service, a complete all-round digital marketing solution offering you more value and benefit. And, rather than providing help and support on a defined list of activities, we are happy to support any design, web development and marketing related queries.

So, whether you require simple changes to your website, some online advertising, new business cards, search engine optimisation, help with image formatting or even a new computer, we will be happy to assist you.

Websites tend to need the following maintenance throughout their lifetime:

  • Weekly back-ups
  • Corrections to work with the latest versions of web browsers as they’re released
  • Updates to work with the latest mobiles and tablets as they’re released
  • Installation and testing of security and feature updates to WordPress
  • Installation and testing of security and feature updates to plug-ins that your site uses
  • Updates where external services are changed. A good example being where Google is starting to depreciate Google Analytics in favour of Google Universal Analytics
  • Legal changes where updates need to be made to the website. An example being the Cookie compliance changes made recently
Time Bank Options
1 hour per month£70.00 p/m
2 Hours per month£130.00 p/m
5 Hours per month£325.00 p/m
10 Hours per month£600.00 p/m