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Create a Useful Windows Desktop using Windows Vista Desktop Gadgets

Dec 7th 2009

If you’re a regular Windows Vista or Windows 7 user, or even new to these platforms, you may have noticed the Desktop Gadgets.
These are the little programs that sit on the right-hand side of your desktop in the Windows Side-bar.

Typically there’s a calendar, clock and a picture viewer to name a few.

You may have thought that they’re a bit gimmicky or even switched them off, however think again!
There are hundreds of these small applications called “Gadgets” and many of them are really useful.

For example, we use Google Calendars extensively, and there’s a Google Calendar Widget that show’s a task list of the day’s events at a glance without needing to log in to Google.

Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn user? No problem, there are Widgets that show your latest updates, connections and news feeds.

You can even preview blog posts of blogs you are following.

If you’re not a big Social Media user, you almost certainly use email.

There are a number of good POP3 email previewing Gadgets that show you at a glance what you’re inbox contains.

If you want to keep in touch with what’s going on quickly, without logging in and out of all the tools you use, Gadgets are worth a look.

For more information on gadgets and a complete list of all gadgets available, visit:

Of course, if you’re stuck and need a little help or advice, you could always call us on 0845 890 2992.