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10 Years in Web Design, a look back to 2004

As FL1 Group reaches its 10th Birthday in 2014, we look back at how our industry has changed since 2004?

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What programming language is your website developed in, and why should you care?

Do you know what technology was used when building your website?

Does it really matter?

Whether you’ve thought about it or not, it’s knowing the facts about how it could effect your business…

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Create a Useful Windows Desktop using Windows Vista Desktop Gadgets

If you’re a regular Windows Vista or Windows 7 user, or even new to these platforms, you may have noticed the Desktop Gadgets. These are the little programs that sit on the right-hand side of your desktop in the Windows Side-bar. Typically there’s a calendar, clock and a picture viewer to name a few. You […]

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A beginners Guide to Web Hosting

What is web hosting and why do you need it? The basic principle of Web hosting, is simple; it’s a place where your web pages reside that’s accessible over the internet. Do you need it, in short, yes, if you’d like your website to be accessed globally and reliably?

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10 top tips to make your PC run faster

1. Upgrade Your RAM The most obvious tip but people hardly upgrade it. RAM (Random Accesss Memory) these days is very cheap at often under £30 for 512mb and often make a huge difference to the overall speed of your PC or laptop.

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Tech tip of the month – short-cuts

Microsoft Windows in one shape or form has been around for some time (since 1985) with short-cuts being introduced with Windows version 2.0 in October 1987. So what is a short-cut? Well, in short, it’s a set of key strokes that invoke a common task. Let me give you an example: As you’re sat at […]

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