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The Web Design Jargon Buster

Ever wanted to know the difference between a Widget and a Wireframe, a CTA from a CSS? With our Web Design Jargon Buster, your wait is finally over…

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Whats new in LinkedIn?

Regular LinkedIn users will have seen that Linkedin has changed significantly over the last few months. Not only does it look different but a number of features have disappeared while others have arrived.

Here is a brief review of six areas on LinkedIn of which every professional should be aware…

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Twitter and Google, a marriage made in search heaven?

Times are a-changing at Twitter – it’s become a serious player in social media. According to Twitter’s blog, they have "partnered with Google to index the entire world of public tweets as fast as possible and present them to their users in an organized and relevant fashion"

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Why start blogging?

Why should you blog? Because it is a key marketing tool now for businesses of all sizes. In general terms if you blog you are perceived as an expert – important for PR and brand building. You can create a dialogue with your customers and you can impart news and industry information. Blogging improves search […]

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We’re on Twitter

You can now find FL1 Group on Twitter at http://twitter.com/fl1group. In case you dont know, Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you post short messages called “tweets”, to your friends known as “followers.” Twitter is a great way to broadcast your thoughts and to promote your brand or service. If you […]

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