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Your website and Mobile Phones, what you need to know

Mobile phone technology has come a long way and with the success of Smart Phones such as Blackberry, iPhone and Google’s Android accessing websites from your phone has become common place. But with change comes buzz words: “mobile site”, “mobile compatible”, “responsive”. We look at the differences and what they might mean to you.

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Predictions for 2010 and beyond from the Marketing department

Advergaming Advergaming is the use of video games to advertise a product or service or to promote a viewpoint. First seen in the early years of the last decade, advergaming is becoming increasing popular with companies and organisations of all sizes. Games are often the most visited aspect of large brand websites (e.g. Campbell’s Soup […]

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Thinking about getting a Blackberry?

If you’re anything like me your mobile phone is an essential business tool that you couldn’t live without and you probably spend a lot of time out of the office and return to spend the next hour catching up with email.

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