FL1 Digital are St Albans, Warwick, North London based WordPress Website developers and established 17 years.

Our process is simple, streamlined and set up in a way that will make sense to you. We use WordPress as our platform of choice, making editing your website a breeze and a perfect fit for anything from an e-commerce site to an elegant portfolio site.


It all starts with your idea, your vision. We then take it and create a flat visual concept of what your website will look like. And it’s only when you’re happy with the look and feel that we proceed to the next stage.


Welcome to the dark side. This is where we put our Dev hats on and manually convert to code the design concepts from the Design step. At this stage, we work on the wireframes (structure) and all other aspects to do with functionality and behaviour, such as API integrations, eCommerce solutions, animations and more.


Security is key. That’s why we use the best and most secure hosting providers. In this phase, we double check our code to ensure your website is safe for users to navigate.

Mobile Responsive.

Your website will seamlessly work on mobile devices such as tablets and phones. This is the “responsive” side of things, where your website magically adapts to fit any screen from all major devices. While we tend to leave all major responsive aspects of your site towards the end to ensure compatibility with its desktop version, we can also work on the visual side of the responsive website on the Design stage.


Aaaaand takeoff! Prior to going live, we’d have checked with you that everything is ready to go. Our pre-launch tasks include checking all links and all forms work and installing scripts like Google Analytics. After that, your website will be on the internet, ready for people to find it and for you to spread the word.

Why WordPress.

It’s the world's most popular Content Management System (CMS).

Massive community. Just like a Ford car, you can service it almost anywhere.

You can use WordPress for all types of projects

It's easy to use. Not just for web developers but for users too.

Scale your website with millions of plugins/add-ons.

WordPress takes security seriously.

It's highly optimisable for Search Engines.

You own your site and its content.