Web Apps.

The future of the web.

What are Web Apps?

So what even is a Web App (or Web Application)?

Simply put, it’s a highly functional piece of software that uses website technology to run online.

If you’ve ever used a booking site, online banking, a price comparison site or even sites like Spotify or Facebook, then you’re using one or a series of Web Applications.

So, is a Web App just a fancy website?

Kind of yes, but the key differences are, they’re like to have a high level of interaction, implement a login and security system, and rely on 3rd party data sources through APIs to read and write data.

A good example of a Web App might be something like a price comparison site, that offers dozens of interactive questions and filters, to then query dozens of external sites to retrieve their best quotes.

FL1 Task manager.

Our very own Project and Task management platform was built on a WordPress back-end but offers a feature-rich interactive experience with live reporting, drag-n-drop calendar with scheduling.

We’ve tried numerous Project Management tools over the years, but not offered the ease of use and flexibility we need, so we built our own…because we can!

FL1 Site Monitor.

FL1 clients benefit from round the clock monitoring by our very own site checking platform. The Platform checks all of our sites hourly, and reports if a site is down, unexpectedly slow or notably different from when last tested. The platform allows us to be aware of issues within minutes so we can ensure sites are constantly online and working as expected.

Pharmaceutical E-Learning Platform.

Another highly custom Web Application. This learning platform offers numerous interactive and drag-n-drop elements, as well as complex reporting.

The platform also includes sophisticated absence and performance management features, way beyond the capabilities of a typical website.

IT E-Learning Platform.

If you’ve ever used Udemy for an online course, you’ll be familiar with this type of site.
The site uses a custom Web Application at the front to integrate with the client’s own course material API to provide intuitive access to IT based e-learning material.

Energy Deal Comparison Application.

A Market Comparison site for Commercial Energy, this Web Application was built using the very latest NextJS and Tailwind technology, using a Google Firebase database. The App heavily utilises 3rd Party APIs to lookup Gas and Electricity Meter installations, Supplier rates and usage estimations, making it a perfect use-case for a Web Application.

Physiotherapy Appointment Booking System.

This platform was the perfect hybrid of a WordPress website offering visual appeal and e-commerce, coupled with an interactive ReactJS application to handle integration with the in-house Clinic Management software and booking calendar.

Using React meant the booking application could be not only embedded into the host site, but selected partner sites too, perfect for an affiliate marketing model.