Site Technical SEO Audit.

Elevate Your Website’s Performance with a comprehensive Technical Audit.

We offer an in-depth website Technical Audit that ensures your online presence is optimised for success. Our expert team meticulously examines crucial elements such as URL structure, meta tag integrity, content structure, and indexing issues. We utilise the powerful insights provided by Google Search Console to identify areas of improvement and enhance your website’s overall performance.

Our Technical Audit goes beyond surface-level analysis, leveraging nearly 20 years of experience in Web development, we’re able to delve deep into the technical aspects of your website to uncover any potential issues that may hinder its visibility and ranking on search engine results pages.

Building Local Citations.

A local citation refers to any online mention of your business’s name, address, and phone number. These citations are considered crucial by many SEO experts when it comes to local SEO rankings.

Citations can be found in various locations, including business directories and social networks, serving as valuable sources of information for individuals seeking local business details.

The purpose of citations is to aid search engines in verifying the credibility, legitimacy, and reliability of your business. When your business details appear consistently across numerous reputable and relevant websites, search engines like Google gain more confidence in the existence and operational status of your business, ensuring that the information you provide about it is accurate and trustworthy.

SEO Content.

Keyword optimised content plays a crucial role in boosting a website’s search engine visibility. Search engines rely on algorithms that analyse website content to determine its relevance to search queries. By incorporating carefully selected keywords into their content, FL1 Digital ensures that their clients’ websites align with the terms and phrases that users are searching for. This helps search engines recognise the website’s relevance to specific search queries, resulting in higher rankings and increased organic traffic. 

With our expertise, businesses can optimise their content to maximise their chances of being discovered by search engines and reaching their target audience effectively.

Keyword and Campaign Planning.

Recognising the importance of strategic keyword planning in driving targeted traffic to your website, we use market-leading tools and advanced techniques, our team conducts thorough research to review and identify the most effective target search phrases for your business. By analysing search trends, competition, and user intent, we uncover valuable insights that help us optimise your online presence and reach your target audience effectively.

Our comprehensive keyword planning approach goes beyond traditional methods. We not only identify the most relevant and high-ranking keywords for your industry but also strive to uncover new markets and opportunities.