Take your videographics to the next level.

Fully customised and interactive explainer videos are one click away…


It all starts with your idea. We will listen to you about not just what you want your video to look like, but also how people interact with it and what the end goal of the video is.
Maybe you want an interactive quiz, step by-step tutorial guide, or something different to stand out from your competitors.


This is where we plan the flow of your video. This might include a storyboard to plan the different frames of your video, or sketching out some custom illustrations that will later be animated and exported in a browser friendly format.

Design & Animating.

At this stage we will draw any required graphics to be used in your explainer video.
After that we will animate each frame, with our professional video editing software: Camtasia.

We will send you regular updates at certain timestamps, so you’re fully in control and aware of the animation/editing process.


Aaaaand takeoff! Prior to going live, we’d have checked with you that everything is ready to go. Your explainer video will be ready to show to the world, ready for people to find it and for you to spread the word.