You imagine it, we create it. Our services range from branding to custom illustrations, find out more how we make your corporate identity shine.

Graphic Design.

With three in-house graphic designers and illustrators, it’s fair to say we’re not just a bunch of code-obsessed tech junkies (though we are that too!).

The reality is, websites and software are not just about function but form too.

Our design team can help with:

Logo brand design

Website/landing page design

Business card design

Printed flyers and menu design

Display exhibition stand designa

User Interface (UI) design

User eXperience (UX) design and planning

Infographics and diagram graphic design

Image manipulation and correction

Video graphics and animations


We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but sometimes you just can’t find that picture.

This is where illustration can be a great and original way to create something new and visually engaging.

Illustrations are great for explainer videos, diagrams, technical explanations, flow charts, dashboards or even breaking the abstract into simple visual language.

We can illustrate for:

Explainer video graphics

Video introduction animations

Technical slide and presentation graphics

Custom print artwork

Display exhibition stand design

User Interface (UI) design

User eXperience (UX) design and planning

Infographics and diagram graphic design

Explainer Videos.

So what actually is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are typically interactive videos that are used to explain or walk through a concept. If you’ve completed an online e-learning or interactive training programme, you’ve probably used one already!

Explainer videos can often have built-in quizzes, decision points, moving animation, real footage, text highlighting… the list is endless!

A common use for Explainer Videos is demonstrating software using screen recording or simply taking a PowerPoint Presentation to the next level as an interactive online experience.

  • Develop an online course
  • Software demonstration or tuition
  • Slideshow walkthrough
  • Interactive game or quiz
  • Convert learning material to e-learning
  • Explain a complex or abstract topic
  • Create some fun for engaging the kids (and big kids too!)
  • Infographics and diagram graphic design