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Rank at the top of Google with Google My Business

Mar 18th 2009

Most people use Google these days, like it or loath it.
Is it easy to get to the front page on Google? Many Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies would tell that it is for a small (or often not) fee. The reality is, that it takes a lot of time, planning and effort.

Or does it?

Well, to get high listings for a generic term such as “plumbers” yes it does. It takes an significant amount of time and effort. However, in reality, would a Plumber really want to just Rank for just “plumbers”?

Let’s think about this…

Take a Plumber living in sunny Hertfordshire. A potential customer that lives in Scotland types “Plumbers” in to Google and at no.1 is our plumber in Hertfordshire. Would our plumber want to travel up to Scotand too many times? Probably not!

In reality, most businesses prefer to trade within a locality that they can service easily. Why, because, they can offer better level of service, fuel costs are lower, and frankly, it’s just much much easier… and that’s not all!

It’s much easier to advertise on a local basis, and let’s face it; if you had a choice of a new supplier 100 miles away, or a supplier equally good but 5 miles down the road; which would you use?

Enter Google Maps.
Most people have used Google Maps or Google Earth, and they’re without question fabulous tools, but what about business?

The good news is you can use Google Maps to list your business too, and better still, it’s free!

Let’s try it out:
type “plumber st albans” in to Google:

You’ll see a list of Plumbers, their web addresses, and more importantly a link to where they are on the map.

So how do you do it? simple:

Visit: https://www.google.com/business/befound.html