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Google’s Panda update downgrades UK tech sites, Affiliate sites and Content Farms

Oct 19th 2011

Google is well known for implementing new search algorithms within its search technology. A recent update called Panda has changed the game for many website owners, most notably those that use affiliate links to other websites.

A recent update by Google in its search technology called Panda has created a stir on the internet with its changes negatively impacted Voucher sites, ‘content farms’, and some finance sites, while winners include Mirror, Independent, and YouTube.

The update also demotes one of the complainants to the European Commission, Microsoft-owned Ciao, which will almost vanish from many searches as a result of the downgrading.

Many voucher and discount sites have also been hit by the wide-ranging changes. So have some so-called “content farms” such as Ehow and Mahalo.

We’ve also seen websites we work with hit where the subscribe content from a third-party website or are using affiliate linking. Initial research seems to suggest that the publisher of the affiliate program isn’t effected, more the affiliated website that refers to the source website.

For more details visit: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/pda/2011/apr/13/google-panda-uk-update-winners-losers