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10 Reasons Websites don’t rank in Google Pt4: Duplicated content

Jul 6th 2009

Quality content is the one thing that Google strives to find in any website including yours, so make sure that Google only finds that content in one place, or rather at one web address.

Let’s look at the most common scenario:
Many people register a number of different web addresses (domain names) for their website (commonly, the .co.uk and the .com equivalent). It’s commonly thought that if you submit all your domain names in to Google, it will help your ranking. The reality is, it doesn’t help at all, if anything, it does the opposite.

You may know that your .co.uk and .com domain are one and the same, but Google doesn’t.
Google treats each web address (domain name) as completely separate entities, so they will start their individual ranking process in Google, as separate websites.

Let’s think of things from Google’s point of view. It sees two web addresses with exactly the same content, which do you rank first? There’s no simple answer to that, and this is where things can go wrong.
If you marketed the same website with three different names to your customer you’d run the risk of confusing them, more to the point you’ll confuse Google to.

The good news is that there are ways to correct this such as using permanent redirections, however the safest approach is to market one web addresses and stick to it.

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