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10 Reasons Websites don’t rank in Google Pt3: When was it submitted?

Jun 22nd 2009

Sometimes, the most obvious question needs to be asked, is your website actually in Google’s index?
Many people think it costs money to get your website in to Google, the reality is; it doesn’t.
It’s free of charge and takes a matter of minutes to submit your website to Google, and contrary to much thinking, it only needs to be submitted once.

It’s also a common misconception that your website needs to be re-submitted regularly, however the truth is it doesn’t.
All this said, if you have links to your website from websites already submitted, Google will follow the link to your website and automatically include it in its index.

Ideally, you should have as many good quality and relevant links to your website as possible, although for many new websites, this won’t at first be the case.
Finally, remember that Google is available and localised for most countries, so consider which countries you’d like to find you. Many people at first want to rank in Google in all possible countries, however if you’re a residential builder in Hemel Hemstead, do you really want to be getting enquires from Canada, Russia or the far-east? Similarly, if you’re an online retailer, consider which countries you’d really want to ship your goods to.
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