Logos, Videos, illustrations, Facebook likes and more for $5, really?


If you fancy a creative flutter without breaking the bank, your choices have until now been limited. So what’s new?

Well here’s a tip for free, check our fiverr.com

The basic idea is, you pay $5 for a gig. A gig is (simply put) where someone offers to do something for you for $5, that could be design a simple logo, create some artwork, sketch something, create a video intro, record a voice-over, the list is endless…

So what’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t really one. If you’re a free lancer or want to pick up a new client, it’s a great way to get exposure. Gigs start at $5, but you can often upgrade and pay more for more work.

You could argue that for $5 you’re not going to get very much, that said, you often get far more than your money’s worth and for $5, what have you got to lose?

Our favourites are shortly funny branded videos to brighten a Facebook page on a Friday afternoon, what are yours?