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Twitter and Google, a marriage made in search heaven?

Nov 2nd 2009

Times are a-changing at Twitter – it’s become a serious player in social media.

According to Twitter’s blog, they have "partnered with Google to index the entire world of public tweets as fast as possible and present them to their users in an organized and relevant fashion" (read more…).

This will allow marketers and search experts to better track the ever-increasing amount of (useful) information flowing through Twitter.

Now it is now being predicted that Twitter will replace Google Search.

At the recent US Web 2.0 Summit (On October 21st 2009), Google CEO Marissa Mayer announced the partnership with Twitter but also hinted at the launch of a "real time" Search Engine.

She then went onto talk about the launch of "Social Search": the personalisation of organic search.

Watch the video at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=L40m9qjy7cA

Meanwhile, Microsoft search engine Bing has made an agreement with Twitter that includes tweets in search results.

These partnerships will ensure that Twitter rapidly becomes a major force in social media search. If you are not already on Twitter we recommend that you start now!

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Or for more information visit Using Twitter – Top Ten Tips.