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Live Chat on your website, is it worth it?

Apr 17th 2013

Ever seen those pop-up Live chat features on websites? Ever thought about adding one to yours? Here’s what you might expect…

Live Chat on your website, is it worth it?

Based on the feedback of every website we’ve installed one on, and using one on our website…YES!

There aren’t many tools that don’t cost a lot of money, are simple to use and truly help bring you more business, but it has to be said, Live Chat is one of them!

You’ve probably seen tacky implementations of Live Chat where the chat operator floats around the screen and pesters you, but they don’t have to be that way.
Live Chat software can be discreet and tastefully installed to add interaction to your website, not irritate your customers and prospects.


How do they work?
You sign up with a service like Live Chat (http://www.livechatinc.com/) or Zopim (https://www.zopim.com/). Once you’ve customised how you’d like your chat sessions to work, you insert some code in to your website’s source code, and your Live Chat is installed and ready to go.

You can either sign in to the live chat website to take conversations or often download a Phone App or software for Windows/Mac to enable online chats.

What do they do?
They commonly have a number of useful features, including:

  • The ability to capture your website visitors’s contact details before chatting
  • The ability to email and save conversations
  • Chat Windows and prompts can be easily customised
  • If you’re on the move, most Live Chats can be held on your phone
  • A log is kept of your conversations
  • You can see your website visitors visit your website in real-time
  • You can see which pages your visitor has looked at
  • You can see which page your visitor is looking at when chatting
  • You can often preview what’s being typed to you before it’s being sent
  • Out of hours mode can be switched on to capture interactions as an email

How much do they cost?
They tend to cost in the region of $30-$50 per month excluding the one off charge to install it in to your website?

Are they worth it?
For us, definitely! For the cost involved, we get between 5 and 10 customers contact us a day, 2-3 of those tend to be sales related enquiries.

Would it be worth it for you?
There’s only one way to find out!