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Is there anybody there? six reasons why no-one is commenting on your blog posts

Nov 3rd 2009

1. not enough traffic to your blog/website
Like all communications and marketing, if people do not know about your content they won’t be able to participate. There are very few shortcuts to building significant traffic levels but the most consistent solution is an email database. It takes time to grow your own list but quality is more important than quantity. Loyal customers are much more likely to read and respond to your comments.

2. how interesting is your material?
Possible solution: be controversial! We advised one client to do this and he went too far, causing a real storm in his industry! However, he is now widely read and regularly attracts large numbers of comments. So be sensible!

The best rule is to write as if in a conversation with a good friend: be challenging, try to be original and track the number of responses to your blogs as traffic grows.

Add in pictures, video and podcasts wherever you can and consider a bespoke design.

3. lost amongst all the millions of other blogs
Even though your content may be highly valuable if there is too much ‘noise’ at the time you post, it may not get seen.

Experiment with posting your blog at different times of the day and on different days of the week. Track any improvements in response.

4. titles are not attracting an audience
Think of each blog as a press release and create an eye-catching title and interesting first paragraph. If you are not sure how to do this, look at how newspaper journalists write news stories and copy the format: good title plus the key information in the first paragraph.

5. is your blog on every possible platform?
Make sure that your blog is linked to every possible platform e.g. ecademy, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Squidoo etc. Make it easy for people to bookmark your blog and tell others.

6. lack of visitor loyalty
The reality is that you have to ‘earn’ the loyalty of regular readers by being consistent in the frequency of posting and in the topics covered. If you want to blog about several areas, have different blogs otherwise you may confuse people.

Post regularly and thank people when they do leave a comment. Encourage feedback and make the reader believe that they have a worthwhile contribution to make to contribute to the discussion.

There may be many other reasons why your blog is not attracting a following. If you would like help with your blog, call us on 0845 890 2992.