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How to keep in touch with your customers – email marketing

Sep 14th 2009

How do you keep in touch with your customers?
So how do you keep in touch with your customers, phone, and email? But of course!

But do your existing customers really know what your business is doing and know about the great new service or offer your promoting? The reality is; too often not.

You could try phoning your entire customer base every month, but although a great thing to do is often time consuming.
How about email marketing?

If you’re reading this article you may have seen our news letter, so it’s likely that it’s worked for us.
Email marketing is often risky and ineffective if you’re sending an announcement to a database you’ve bought or to recipients you’ve never met, but for existing customers, it’s worth seriously considering.

If you’re using a professional package such as iContact, MailChimp, NewsWeaver, AWeber or ConstantContact, you can track who clicks on links, when the email is opened and how often these actions occurs. With your knowledge of your customer, you can often second guess what your customer will shortly ask you, and get a real idea of what interests them.

5 top tips:
1) Always use a professional package.
You’ll be able to track results, keep your mailing list up to date, cover the legal obligation (allowing your customers to opt-out) and avoid any broadband email sending restrictions.

2) Do a little but often.
Keep it short, keep it informative, but pace yourself. It’s far better to provide a small and useful update regularly, than a long and exhaustive update once or twice, then never again.

3) Don’t over-whelm your customer with email or information
You might think sending out offers or a newsletter once every couple of days can appear keen and efficient, however you risk bombarding your customer. Respect the fact your customers are busy people too, once a month is fine, one a day is at best overzealous.

4) Don’t send large attachments
If you can, avoid sending any attachments. Large attachments can clog up inboxes, confuse and be ignored.

5) Make it interesting
If people pay money for your expertise; why not write a few articles as part of a newsletter to show your worth. If you have an exciting new product, keep it short and keep it interesting.

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