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Collect genuine customers reviews, a look at Feefo Reviews

Jul 4th 2017

The only opinion that counts is your customers, so why not let your customer’s reviews work harder for you? We look at Feefo’s new reviewing platform…

Customer testimonials and case studies are a great way to show case what you do on your website, but it’s a common perception that testimonials are often fake or irrelevant.

Feefo is a platform that surveys your customer and gather’s their review for you in addition to allowing them to be displayed on not only your own Feefo Page, but your website.

Feefo also helps yours organic Google search engine listing by adding reviews that can be discovered by Google.

How does it work?
Feefo is a web subscription based service that allows you to collect, manage and display customer reviews. Once signed up, you upload a list of names and email addresses, and Feefo contacts your customer with a pre-set questionnaire to gather a review for your service or product.

As soon as your customer completes the review, you’re notified then the review goes live.

What happens if there’s a bad review?

You have 48 hours before your review goes live leaving you time to speak to your customer and deal with the review.

How do they display on a website?

There are a number of different ways in which Feefo reviews can be displayed on your site.

A Widget Integration provides you with different options for adding a simple piece of code to your web page which does all the work for you. Once on the page, the widget handles loading and displaying your reviews ensuring they’re automatically updated without any interaction.

Javascript Integration:
The Javascript takes the Widget integration a step further. Like the Widget integration, the Javascript integration is a simple piece of script that can be added to a web page, however it allows reviews to be filtered and sorted based on your preference.

For example of the Javascript Integration, visit: https://www.capitalphysio.com/feefo/

Direct Integration:
The direct integration allows your website to gather your raw review data using the Feefo programming interface. With full access to the Review data, reviews can be formatted, filtered and displayed exactly as you want.

For an example of a Direct Integration, visit: http://www.bowers-wilkins.co.uk/Headphones/Wireless-Headphones/Wireless-Headphones/P7-Wireless.html

How do they help with SEO?

Google uses a system called Rich Snippets in order to allow web pages to provide additional structured data that can help better describe to Google what’s on the web page.

Example of where Rich Snippets are used are event websites, online shops and cinemas to name a view.

Reviews are also accessible through Rich Snippets and collecting more than 5 reviews for a product r service that imbedded within your site can allow Google to show reviews within its Search Listing.

Feefo Reviews within a Google Search Engine Listing

Feefo Reviews can also be integrated with a Google Advertising campaign, with 150 Reviews enabling reviews for your Google AdWords campaign.

Feefo Reviews within a Google Advert listing

Can reviews be filtered to become more relevant?

With the Javascript Integration or Direct Integration, yes they can.

Filters can be passed through to Feefo to show only relevant views for a service, branch, product or person, meaning you can choose the most suitable and relevant reviews on each page.

Want to know more?

Drop us a line to find out what’s the most suitable integration for your site, or contact Ben Marley at Feefo directly on 0203 800 0387