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Are you in a relationship?

Mar 21st 2009

That’s quite a question isn’t it?

Niall used to tell me about how turning up at a potential customer wearing his leathers would instantly start a conversation, relax the meeting and start building a relationship. He often found that more often than not, the person he met used to be or still a biker, and if not would always invoke conversation and appreciation of the fact he’d ‘battled the traffic and cold to be there’. Being a newbie biker, I now agree, he’s absolutely right…that said, more often than not I get mistaken for a courier! 😉

People relate to people if they have shared interests and things in common that’s a fact. The amount of things I’ve learnt about people close to me I thought I knew due to a single status update on facebook or a tweet scares me.

A year ago I fell down the stairs in the middle of the night attending to my newly born daughter. I posted a status update of “Jason Sammon: has knackered his back”. The next day, 6 of my customer who were friends on facebook, called me to find out what happened and see if I was alright. After chatting, some more business came from 3 of them. Remember, they called me!

So how about your website; is that building a relationship?

Well, first of all, if you think building a relationship using your online presence is all about your website, think again!
There are so many social media tools you can use, such as twitter, facebook, linked in and ecademy before you even think about your website.

But let’s think about your website.

What do people really know about you and your business from your website?
Well, most people detail what they do, when they started, all “about us ” and possibly have some testimonials. but is that enough?

Well, here are a few ideas:

1) tell people a little more about you personally. Hobbies, interests and previous experiences perhaps.
2) building a corporate looking website and talking about “we” and “us” when you’re a one-man band or a small company, isn’t always a good idea. Consider it carefully.
3) if you can, put your team or key staff on your site. a picture and few details makes a big difference.
4) make the website all about your customer. telling everyone about how great you are is going to loose your potential customer’s interest very quickly.
5) blog, blog, blog. apart from the search engine optimisation benefits, it’s a great way to get a personality across and give customers a little insight in to what this company is really all about and who and how things tick.

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