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A day in the life of Jason Sammon at FL1

Oct 21st 2009

Drop off the kids, hop on to the bike,
It’s good to start off with things that you like.
A weave through traffic, on a Hertfordshire road,
Bags backed with laptops, a heavy old load.

In to the office for 9 o’clock,
Sit at your desk, a short time to take stock.
Set up my laptop, my USB,
A “good morning” from Garth, and a fresh cup of tea.

A look at my planner, a feeling of fright,
A day filled with meetings, proposals to write.
Emails are queued up, people to see,
Phone calls to make, it’s busy I see.

Jason pops up with stories to tell,
Nice to hear his weekend went well.
Ali rolls in, he’s 10 minutes late,
Terrible with mornings, but otherwise great.

Yoana is here, there’s work to do,
Get her set up and a code review.
Sabra pops in for a morning update,
She’s busy as always, but feeling great.

The phone starts to ring, and to give him his dues,
Garth takes the call, an enquiry, good news.
Jason chirps up, site down in the night,
We work out a plan, get to work, put it right.

Kat calls the office, invoices due,
Some of them old and some of them new.
Ali’s head down, designing away,
Jason complains of his workload today.

Time for a meeting, a follow up call,
They bring us our business, each week after all.
A client who wants to know if we can,
Put together a marketing plan.

A flurry of emails, a quick stop for lunch,
A chat with a client, ‘bout the credit crunch.
In to the day, and time to off-load,
With some classes to write in .NET code.

Some questions from Garth, some questions from Jas,
A cup of tea helping with keeping the pace.
A meeting with Ali, to get him started,
Some banter and jokes to keep it light hearted.

Before you know it’s half past five,
A productive day, and we’re feeling alive!
I suppose I should think about going home,
But there’s just one more person, I think I should phone!

I look to the boys, and there they are smirking,
“you’re up in the morning, to do some networking.
don’t forget your caffeine fix,
we’ll be thinking of you at half past six!”

So here I am, a typical day,
A productive one, I have to say.
So what of tomorrow, another task?
Well I’m always here, you just have to ask!

by Jason Sammon (Technical Director)