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10 Reasons Websites don’t rank in Google Pt5: Poor inbound links (Search Engine/Link PR)

Sep 7th 2009

Link PR is the value of having other relevant websites linking to your website. For example, with two websites that are identical, the website with 50 relevant links to the website will always rank higher than an identical website without any links.

Google scores each link based on its content and relevance, as this is perceived to give it a better user experience, hence improve the overall search experience.

It’s important to look at directories advertising similar products and services and of course a competitor’s Link PR.

By analysing the link PR of your competitors and also of similar products and services offered to the same market, you can find useful directories where you can submit a link to your website. It’s likely that many of these directories or websites may have a paid listing service, but many are free.

So how do you find out your link PR and more importantly your competitor’s Link PR?

Type: Link:www.yourwebsite.com in to Google. This shows you all the link in to your website that Google has given a score to and recognised.

Another way to found out where you are listed (and your competitors) type: “www.yourwebsite.com” (with the quotes) in to Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This asks the Search Engine to show any page with the literal text “www.yourwebsite.com” . The quotes are important as otherwise you are asking the search engine to take you to the site in question, as opposed to displaying any page with containing that text.

Remember, quality is more important than quantity, so choose directories and sites carefully.

Want to know more or get advice on putting this in to practice with your website? Why not give us a call, we’re happy to help!