Hello. We are FL1 Digital.

Today, FL1 Digital are Niall, Jason, Suzy, Alex, José, Josh, Kyle, Jason, Emily, Owen and a handful of others that help out on occasion.

Founded in 2003, like every business FL1 Digital has evolved along the way having started off as an idea to build a website to sell Motorcycle clothing.

If you’re wondering how selling Motorcycle clothing ended up turning in to a fully-fledged Digital Marketing Agency or in fact where the name came from, be sure to ask Jason or Niall, but make sure you’ve got a few hours spare!

Since 2003, we’ve learnt that the key to developing successful partnerships with our clients is through knowledge.

We achieve this through Training, Workshops, and regular one-to-one sessions. We quickly realised that just building a website wasn’t enough, our role was to use our knowledge and advice to help our clients build their businesses and become knowledgeable and confident with their online market.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve been specialising in WordPress as our Content Management platform of choice, as it is the best Content Platform for websites in the world after all, but don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.

In October 2012, we became Accredited Experts with the WordPress Developer Network which now gives us exclusive access to specialist WordPress expertise around the whole of the UK.

Our Training courses now run all over the UK and more recently online.