Geeks to the core. Cool enough to rock.

About us.

We’re a friendly bunch of geeks and love what we do. We’re pretty cool too: we play in rock bands, build things and enjoy a good night out.

Today, FL1 Digital are: Niall, Jason, Suzy, Alex, Jose, Josh, Emily and Owen. And a handful of others that help out on occasion.

Founded in 2003, like every business, FL1 Digital has evolved along the way having started off as an idea to build a website to sell Motorcycle clothing.

If you’re wondering how selling Motorcycle clothing ended up turning in to a fully-fledged Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency or in fact where the name came from, be sure to ask Jason or Niall, but also make sure you’ve got a few hours to spare!

Since 2003, we’ve learnt that the key to developing successful partnerships with our clients is through knowledge.