5 Reasons to consider a Facebook Page for your Business


Facebook pages aren’t a new thing by any stretch of the imagination, however it’s only recently that they’ve really come in to their own and started becoming popular for all businesses large and small.

If you think it’s just a gimmick and can’t see how having a presence for your business on Facebook is going to work, think again!

There are lots of reasons for getting your business’ own Facebook page; however here are five to get you started:

1) Its Viral
Every time a Facebook user “Likes” your page, anyone connected to that user sees they’ve “Liked” your page. If you think about it, if you see a close friend “Liking” a brand or local business, that’s a good implicit recommendation, and often it’s the “well, if they like it, I’d better so see what that is and take a look for myself” factor comes in to play.

With most users on Facebook having well over 100 Friends (Facebook contacts), it doesn’t take much for thousands of new Facebook users to see at least one of their friends liking you.

2) Keep your followers up to date
Have some news, a recommendation to make, some advice, an announcement or just something to say, post it on your page. You can post video content, pictures, website links and text to your page, and everyone who follows (Likes) your page, gets to see it.

That’s not all. Your followers and “Like” your updates, share them amongst their friends and comment on them.

Why not get one of your customers to post a testimonial on your Facebook page for all to see?

If you’re an architect or designer, regularly upload pictures of your work.

If you’re a blog, your page can be linked to your blog, so that each new article is automatically distributed to your Facebook audience.

3) Browse Facebook as your brand
This is a relatively new feature, however a very powerful one. You can now switch in a mode whereby you are using Facebook as your Page. What that means is that every post, comment or action you make on Facebook is displayed as being from your Page or brand, and not you as a person.

This can be a powerful tool when acting on behalf of your business and in particular building company to company relationships with other business and page owners.

4) Easily Customisable
Your page can have customised tabs and features that can include parts of your website. That’s not all, very soon, you’ll be able to imbed enquiry forms and sections or your website meaning Facebook users will be able to use and interact with your website without leaving Facebook.

A little customisation goes a long way in sticking out from the competition and getting your message across.

There are also bags of features, such as picture galleries, Forums and Notes which can be useful for your page. This is without even mentioning the 100s of third party programs called Facebook Apps that can be used on your page to deliver additional functionality and content.

5) It’s FREE!
Unless you pay someone to set your page up or customise it, it’s FREE.
Facebook is free to join, and your page is free to set up.

Once 25 people Like your page, you can even apply for a User ID for your age, which gives you the additional Search Engine benefit of a semantic Web Address for your Facebook Page.
Want to see a Facebook Page in action?

Why not check out ours at www.facebook.com/fl1digital and tell us what you think?