10 Reasons Websites don’t rank in Google Pt7: Tags and Titles


So what are Tags and Titles?

Well, you may have heard the term “Meta Tags” banded around, and possibly heard about Page Titles.

In essence they are two separate things. However have a similar impact on how your website is viewed by
Google and presented to Google’s user in the search results listing.

The other thing to throw in to the mix is the file names of the pages on your website.

So let’s examine each one:

Meta Tags
Many people I speak to think that Meta Tags are all that Search Engine Optimisation is about. Sadly, if that were true, Search Engine Optimisation would be much simpler, or would it?

Meta Tags at one time, were the big deal, however what started to happen was that web site owners and Search specialists would use words and phrases in these tags that often didn’t bear any relevance to what was actually on the pages with these tags. This is where the problems started.

As a user, if you searched for “web design companies in st Albans” you’d naturally expect to find search results for web design companies based in St Albans, however this was often not the case.

Google was the first to take the initiative of ignoring Meta Tag key words, and basing its decision on how to rank a website’s page based predominantly on the words it actually found on the page.

So, are Meta Tags no longer in use?
Not exactly. There are a number of Meta Tags that perform different function, from determining whether a Search Engine should actually view the page, how a page is described to a Search Engine, the frequency that a Search Engine should visit the page and many more.
Typically the key Tag that is still in use is the Meta Tag Description. This is used as the description of your page in Google’s listing. Many people over-look this tag, however do so at your peril.
Descriptions should be well-crafted text that encourage users to visit your page, likened to the text of an advertisement.

Page Titles
What is a page title? A page title is exactly what is says, it is a title for an individual web page.
The Page title determines the very first line of your Google search listing. This should be different for each page on your website, and most importantly be relevant to the page’s content.

File Names
Many people claim that websites that use a Content Management System don’t rank properly in Google.
This sometimes true and for varying reasons, however most commonly it’s because the file name of a page is not descriptive enough and more importantly, not unique to each page.

This is sometimes one of the hardest things to alter in a website, however can make the biggest difference.

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